October 23, 2012

How to find a good restaurant in Italy

It´s lunchtime,  your´re driving through the countryside, looking for a good, but not too expensive restaurant?
Seeing lots of parking cars with Italian license plates should make you stop to have a closer look. If it´s  a workday and the place is full, it´s a pretty good sign you´ll get tasty, well priced food - and I´ll tell you why:
at lunch time carpenters and other craftsmen eat. They´re kind of spoiled and well known for ignoring the restaurant next to the construction site to drive some kilometers for their lunch instead. For the 10 euro menu they want to eat good, rich food, they know all the restaurants in the area and the word spreads fast amongst them. What they pick is better than any travel - guide-insider-tip!
Same rule for dinner - since the homecooked meals in Italy are already on a high level, Italians expect to get something even better when they go out for dinner - restaurants which  do a lot of buisness have to cook better than Mamma or Nonna (Grandma) at home. Just watch out for full parking lots with Italian license plates - combined with a sparse, not very  attractive decor, it´s a sure sign for good food!

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