August 23, 2011

Slow food and fast cars

The region between Bologna and Modena is beloved for its food, but it attracts also those drawn to the brands of Italian sports cars - Maserati - Diablo - Pagani.

Ferrari and balsamic vinegar

These are the Italian sports cars that introduced the world to speed, design and luxury, and here are the factories of its most famous sons, Lamborghini and Ferrari. The 2000 hand-built cars, which are produced every year by Lamborghini -each worth half a million dollar - are the dream of car lovers all over the world.
On the way to the big competitor with the famous prancing horse logo, we combine fast cars with slow food - the black gold from Modena. The grapes to produce the Aceto Balsamico have to be harvested exactly in Modena and it takes at least 12 years to get this delicious sirup, the hole process has to happen in Modena, following 400 year old rules.  There are still around 60 families in this region, who pass the knowledge from generation to generation, some sell the Aceto and allow a guided visit with a tasting, others produce just for the family use. There is the "mother-barrel", it never gets empty in all this years and so it happens that in every bottle of Balsamico still is a tiny little bit of the very first one - from 1598.
But back to the world famous red cars: The Enzo Ferrari is the only road-licensed Formula 1 car,  people come to the Galleria Ferrari to see original race cars built by Enzo himself and road cars like the Testa Rossa and the Magnum. You can rent a Ferrari and drive through the mountains - only your budget is the limit - the tour is expensive, but less than the cost of a new car.
It´s just a taste, but sometines, that´s all one needs to truly indulge!

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