June 30, 2011

Mortadella di Bologna

This pork sausage has been made for at least 500 years, today the name is protected, ensuring that authentic Mortadella is free from fillers, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Only finely ground pork, high quality fat squares and a blend of salt, pepper, coriander, anise, pieces of pistacchio and wine are allowed in an authentic Mortadella di Bologna. It's sliced very thin to enhance the unique aroma of the sausage and served for antipasti, but also used as a stuffing for the famous Tortellini. 
It's quite an experience to go to the market in Bologna and to see  all this different kinds of sausages, all hand made in the traditional way with the knowledge of centuries, sold by dedicated experts, who seem to know everything about it.  Once it has been cut, it should be used immediately, otherwise it will dry out and lose it's flavor, but nobody can resist to finish it anyway. 
It's not surprising that this Mortadella di Bologna has nothing to do with the pre-packaged stuff from the supermarket, called "Bologna"!

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